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 Post subject: Graham Nash prison song
PostPosted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:12 pm 
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Excuse me but I have had this question on my head a lot of time, and it's even making me not sleep well in the nights... What's the meaning of the prison song? It's against drugs, or support them? Or it's against penal system or what? Or for protecting a friend who was involved in drugs? I really don’t get it... but I like it a lot! But I really REALLY dislike drugs, I have see the last 10 years how those f*** things have ravaged my country, form the pastimes tropical semi-paradise to the infernal nightmare it's becoming. The drugs are for absolutely losers and any one involved with them should be punish either by summary execution or turned into a servant workers until dying of starvation, and neither of those cases where referencing to the warhammer universe, but a way to stop that madness...

Well, back to topic (and forgiveme for my humor alteration) I really don't get what the song means. For any of you who haven't heard it yet here's the lyrics followed by a youtube link to hear it from two funny looking guys:

One day a friend took me aside
and said I have to leave you
for buying something from a friend
they say I've done wrong
for protecting the name of a man
they say I'll have to leave you,
so now I'm bidding you farewell
for much too long.
(ok, since any one reply back i'll try to do it my self. Well.. here he's saying good bye to some one because he buy "something" from a "friend" (drugs I supouse so he going to a prison is a GOOD thing), but also for not saying the name of this "friend" to the police I guess.. So he's saying good bye for long, so yes, he's getting to prison then. I got this.

And here's a song to sing,
for every man inside,
if he can hear you sing
it's an open door.
There's not a rich man there,
who couldn't pay his way
and buy the freedom that's a high price
for the poor.
(Here he's talking about the prison song it self I believe, but don't understand why he says that if "he" (who's he??) can hear you sing is a open door? It means that if you sing right maybe some one can get you outta prison like an artist or something? Or that if you behave well you can get out faster? Or if you act clever you can escape? Also he's speaking of the fact that people with enough money can buy their freedom but the poor guy always get the worst part, and if you have enough money maybe you don't even have to pay anything because the influence of your money, but if you are poor then you'll have to sell all you have and even more to bribe someone. But still don't get the first part).

Kids in Texas
smoking grass,
ten year sentence
comes to pass
in Ann Arbor,
ask the judges
(Ok this is where everything goes to hell with the meaning. Ok, it says some brats are smoking marihuana or else in the state of Texas, and for that they are getting ten years on prison, when they should have been shoot to death on the spot instead, and he's still complying about it?!. And now the really screwed up part, the song say misdemeanor, a low level flout, so destroying one's body, making drug dealers richest and more powerful (north region of Mexico anyone?) and adding to the decay of mankind it's a misdemeanor? And in Ann Arbor the judges ask why? First Ann Arbor is in Michigan, not Texas, and second why the hell the judges ask why??! Why what??! Why the pot smoking brats had not been shooted on the spot? Why a ten years sentence??? Why blood for the blood good? Why more dakka???!! Why because the Michigan judges don't agree with the Texas judges??? I really don't get this part!!!

Another friend said to her kids
I'm gonna have to leave you
for selling something to the man
I guess I did wrong
and although I did the best I could
I'm gonna have to leave you
so now I'm kissing you farewell
for much too long.
(So this is kind the other part of the history, this one here is pretty simple, this woman where selling something illegal (may be drugs) so she's going to jail too and have to say good bye to her kids. She told them that for selling illegal stuff she thinks she have done something wrong (duh.. you are selling drugs dear! What could possibly go wrong right??!! May be in the first place you shouldn't even been a mother!!) And she claims to have done the best she could. Well what about not getting pregnant if you don't have the means to support a child in the first place, then get a life and start working in something productive instead of making the cartel and corrupt politicians more powerful??? You have do NOTHING RIGHT! Or perhaps she did the best she could to hide from the police or start her own cartel??)

And here's a song to sing,
for every man inside
if he can hear you sing
it's an open door.
There's not a rich man there
who couldn't pay his way
and buy the freedom that's a high price
for the poor.
(It's the same chorum so...)


Humm.. +140!!! views but no a single response, I have begun to think there are a lot of stoners here... :lol:
BTW I started a poll so if the trouble is that you are lazy and don't wanna waste time writing an asnwer.

Ale! Nothing! Well.. can some admin lock the tread, delete it, burn it and spread the ashes on the wind....??

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